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Proavícola Project

Development and implementation of a technological platform for collecting, storing and analyzing information on poultry farms to increase productivity in the Colombian poultry sector.

The project consists of a measurement system that allows the acquisition, processing and visualization of data through the implementation of different devices. The devices form subsystems which together function synergistically. Each of the subsystems has common and differentiated characteristics, and are classified according to the variable to be measured. The project is made up of six different variables, which were defined in relation to their importance in the poultry production process.

All the variables and signals generated by their measurement are processed and regulated for reading by a data acquisition device (DAQ) that allows the connection between the PC and the sensors. The DAQ is the common element that connects subsystems. The system is divided into several parts, it is a chain process that allows the fulfillment of the objectives of identifying, sensing and delivering the measurement data corresponding to the variables.

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