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The Institute of Planning and Promotion of Energy Solutions (IPSE) conducted this project for non-interconnected zones under the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Colombia. This project is targeting in two main objectives: Increase the hours of electricity supply to the population and reduce the hours of use of diesel plants. This project allows the production of electricity from solar radiation through "pre-installed solar trackers - 100kWp installed power” and a new solar farm which supplies 220kWp, plus a battery room with 480 cells and an installed capacity storage 3,148kWh. Finally, the facility has been supported by two 308kW diesel plants.



The department is divided into four indigenous territories, and forty-four districts grouped in fifteen municipalities, each administered by their corresponding government offices. These municipalities were created by the Departmental Assembly of La Guajira through ordinances issued between 1995 and 2000. Among the townships are Nazareth and Puerto Estrella in the municipality of Uribia, who are the beneficiaries of this project, where people mostly belong to the Wayuu indigenous community. These township had a public service energy produced by two diesel plants that provide about fourth or five hours of power, intangible to the major cities of the country but precious commodity in these localities. 



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